BMW Accessories – Change Accessories to Fit Your Mood

If you own a BMW, the first thing you will want to do is shop for BMW accessories. To personalize your car, the first place you will probably look is online. Nothing puts out the statement that this car belongs to you like the personal touches that you use to make your car special.  If you are like most people, the first thing you think of is keeping the car clean. That is why a great set of carpet mats with a non-slip backing would be the thing to keep your front floors clean. They will provide a good look as well. When they get dirty, simply take them out, clean them and put them back. This saves on the wear and tear of the interior as well. Another terrific look for the inside of your car would be an aluminum gearshift knob. How cool would that look? Especially if you use a few more BMW accessories that are chrome too. For instance, chrome mirror covers will give your car that sporty look that will turn heads everywhere when you drive by. Wait, we are not finished yet. Chrome air vent covers will accessorize your vehicle with even more of a sports car look. Do you know what the great thing about the above mentioned accessories is? For a totally different look, which is great to be able to do occasionally, these accessories slip back off and your car looks completely opposite of what it did a few minutes ago. It is just like changing your jewelry. You can have whole sets of accessories for your car so that you can change the look to fit your mood.

Let’s just go chrome crazy. How about chrome trim rings? Put them on the base of the gear lever. The cup holders can have their own chrome look. This is easy to apply and easy to take off. And the wow factor is absolutely terrific. You will be so proud of the new look of your BMW that you will be dying to take it for a ride to show off to your friends. If you really want to change the interior and give your car a whole new look, try the 23 piece chrome set that has covers for nearly everything on the dash. From the tachometer to the door loudspeakers, you can cover it and give it all the same look of chrome that is really classy looking. Spruce up the interior a little more using BMW accessories to change the center console. The door handles and the mirror adjustment can all take on the unique look that says “This is my car.” Just think what the reaction would be when your BMW accessories include chrome headlight flames. This is a unique look that will make your BMW stand out in a crowd. If you are really into your car and want it to look the best it can, try accessorizing it with chrome. A classy, casual look is what you are looking to create. Look no further than the online store that can provide everything you need to make you BMW accessories look as if a professional had done it.

It replaced the BMW 3 Series Compact range as BMW’s smallest and most affordable vehicle in the range (depending on the engine model) and boasts a number of unique attributes for its class. For instance, the 1 Series is the only vehicle in its class featuring rear-wheel drive, 50:50 weight balance, a longitudinally-mounted engine and an advanced aluminum multi-link suspension. It is currently one of BMW’s best-selling cars and in 2008, accounted for nearly one-fifth of the manufacturers total sales. With credentials like these, it was with great interest that we took delivery of our first BMW test car here at SACarFan, the 3-door BMW 120i M Sport, to discover what the 1 Series, and indeed the M Sport version, is all about.  Add the ‘M’ aerodynamic kit, however, and the look of the car is transformed from a curious looking hatchback to a compelling hot-hatch. The terribly drab front bumper from the standard model is replaced by one sporting integrated fog lights and a deep, centre aligned air dam, flanked by smaller air intakes on either side. The side skirts are bolder than those fitted to the standard 1 series and feature a bulge that draws one’s eye from the front to the rear of the car. As expected, a comfortable driving position is quickly attainable by adjusting the seat and steering wheel to your desired settings. The driving position of the BMW 1 Series is inherently low to begin with and raising the seat height may result in taller drivers looking through the top of the windscreen. Having said this, you only really notice the low slung driving position when climbing in and out of the car, once you’re inside it’s a comfortable ride. With the majority of head and legroom up front, the 3-door 1-Series does not welcome rear passengers. In fact, passengers up front commented that the legroom was potentially too generous as they had no floor board to push against to support themselves. The chunky, three-spoke, sports steering wheel provides accurate steering and adequate feedback from the road.

The leather clad gearshift lever fits snugly in your hand and with short throws between the gates, provides a sporty, precise and rewarding shift through the 6-speed gearbox, urging you to change at every opportunity. The engine note from the twin-exhausts is one of the best of any in-line four available and when you point the tacho needle skyward the BMW 120i M Sport responds willingly. The road-holding provided by the 17-inch wheels, with run-flat tyres as standard, and sports suspension is very good – the chassis is firm, offering positive feel and a comfortable ride – as a result the rear-wheel drive 120i M navigates corners with enthusiasm. This means power output remains unchanged from that of the standard model, with 115 kW of peak power available at 6 400 rpm and maximum torque of 200 N.m at 3 600 rpm. Stirring the gearbox, as its sporty nature urges you to do, will have the 120i M running along at a respectable pace. The following are some of the hazards just waiting to happen: 1. Bird excrement – You don’t need to be parked under a tree for your car to get hit; a single drive-by bombing by a winged creature can do your finish in. 2. Weather – Rain, snow, ice, and especially hail can damage a car in mere moments. 3. Trees – A small branch can scratch any finish. 4. Sun – Harmful solar rays are bad for your skin and your car’s skin too. 5. Pollution – There is no place on earth that is pollution free. Even if you keep your car garaged most of the time, the best car cover on the market can protect your bimmer from moisture, the sun, dirt, pollution, and small impacts. Best of all, premium amazon car cover can be had for under $200, a worthy investment for any car luxury or not.

Jeep Tire Covers

Jeep tire covers protect the spare tire from the elements while adding a customized look with the different designs portraying logos and messages. The choices of the designs vary according to individual preferences though the cover should be made to fit the exact size of the spare tire for a snug fit. The size of the spare tire is often found on the tire in a raised rubber embossed with the numbers. It is important to know the size number before making the order. Tire covers also come in different colors to complement the Jeep’s color scheme. Since Jeeps are often for outdoors, the tire covers must be made of durable and waterproof material with heavy stitching. It must have an elastic anchor to achieve a snug fit. If the tire covers protect the spare tire, the Jeep floor mats protect the flooring of the vehicle from dirt, dust and scratches from the occupants. It makes it easier to undergo the cleaning process because the floor mats need only to be removed. Both of these accessories protect the vehicles interior and keep it looking new. These mats are made of tough and durable rubber material to withstand the wear and tear from liquids and muck. The floor mats with the rock pattern design and logo of the Jeep Wrangler adds a certain attitude to the vehicle.

The tire covers and floor mats must be guaranteed to be weather proof to withstand the onslaught of the hard sunlight and the force of the rain and falling snow. It should provide a tough protection for the spare tire and the interior floors in order to retain the value of the vehicle. Should there be a need for a resale; the well kept interiors would increase the value of the Jeep Wrangler. Even if these vehicles are built to withstand rough use in dirt roads and mountain trails, the interior of the transport must be protected. This will also provide additional comfort and convenience to the occupants of the Jeep Wrangler. Other accessories include the sturdy seat covers, the seat belts and harnesses provided for the same purpose of lasting protection and safety. The best prices for Jeep accessories do not really mean good quality. It may vary from company to company though there are top grade accessories that can be accessed through an online search. The forums are one of the most important sources of information on where to get hold of the best Jeep accessories.

Furthermore, Hollywood and MTV have also brought this culture around showing that the hottest actors and rappers have their tricked out cars on display either in their own movies or music videos. The same may be said to the Jeep Wrangler, as the Jeep Wrangler Accessories provides for the needs of its consumers in connection with their Jeeps. Jeep Wrangler Accessories provides for various types of accessories that one may necessarily need or for some, aesthetically need. Some of these products are the light grids, tire covers, ski racks, bumpers, fuel doors, jeep wheels and seat covers. All of which would make the jeep unique exteriorly and interiorly. It also protects the seats from dirt, water and anything else that the outside forces can throw your way. This comes in three different designs. One may choose from a plain black color, or a combination of black with either camel or khaki color, plus a logo of Jeep. This type of seat cover, however, is available only to the 1997 up to 2011 Jeep Wrangler Series. This seat protector protects the seats from the elements, spills and wet materials and provides for a cool, rugged look.

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